On Feb. 20th we will officially turn ten years old. Now that deserves a hearty pat on the back. And surely a party or two. 

It goes without saying that reaching this point has been no easy feat. In the ten years we've been in business, we've seen and dealt with it all, which is why this anniversary isn't just about honoring the highest of times, but the hardships that go along with being in a rapidly changing, and often uncertain industry.

Looking back, and especially after exhaling some smoke, we can easily say, it's all been well worth it. The joys of doing what we do far outweigh the hurdles we've overcome. If anything, these hurdles have made us stronger. Today, our family is tighter than ever, we've made substantial advancements in every aspect of our operation and we've got folks like you regularly giving us a nod and cough of approval.

For our anniversary, we want to thank everyone who's shown us love, stuck by us, and at any point in their life, enjoyed our Cannabis. To show our gratitude and appreciation we'll be celebrating with extra generous deals, some good pickin' and more. 

Join us Feb. 14 - Feb. 23 to help make this anniversary one to remember-ish.


10 Year Anniversary Deals // Starting Feb. 14:
Lost Tribe Cans - Oz - $140 OTD
1 Oz Boulder Buckets - $140 OTD (2 X 1/2oz Boulder Buckets)
1/2 Oz Bucket - $70 OTD
Fruit Chews - $20 OTD
ALL 4g Buckets - $100 OTD
ALL Live Rosin - Gram - $35ea or 2 for $60 OTD
ALL Live Rosin Pods - $35ea or 2 for $60 OTD
ALL CannaTerp Pods - $35ea or 2 for $60 OTD
*While supplies last




Tenth Mountain Division



Free Admission


+ Continuous "While You Wait" series. Stay informed here.