Cannabis and chocolate have long shared similar qualities. The most obvious being their natural ability to produce general happiness. So, marrying the two made all the sense in the world. When introduced to @fortuna_chocolate, right away we knew that whatever we decided to make together was going to be exceptional. And our shared ethos in regards to quality and design has made this partnership a fantastic fit. They are bi-cultural food loving artists collaborating across borders to craft premium organic chocolate with Mexican heirloom cacao. They, like us, believe in equitable trade, sustainable design and world-class flavor. All of their chocolate is organic, small batch and stone ground in their mobile chocolate factory in Boulder, Colorado. To further help unite their chocolate and our cannabis, we turned to the fine craftsmen @kjlcbd. Because of these dream partnerships, we have two delicious flavors, both with a 2:1 CBD:THC ratio of 20mg CBD/10mg THC per piece. After a nibble, we think you'll agree with us that life just got a bit sweeter.