We stand with the millions of people who have lost their livelihoods, their freedom and their lives in the decades-long war on drugs. We stand with the broken families and the criminalized youth.  We stand with the communities destroyed and those communities still struggling. Recognizing privilege is an essential step in the journey to build an equitable system. Acknowledging the historical legacy of discrimination must be followed by action. There is work being done to engage intersectional dialogue and an equitable future is being built. We support this work and as members of the cannabis community we join the collective voice for justice.

100% of the sales from the Justice Pin will be donated to support BIPOC led organizations doing the work for long-lasting social equity. We will be amplifying their voices and sharing their initiatives.

Please support our campaign for justice – buy a pin, wear it and talk about what it means with your community. Help us amplify the voices of changemakers, spread their messages and join us in building an equitable future. - @fortuna_chocolate + 14er        

Pre-sales available at fortuna-chocolate.com. They will also be available on our pre-order site in very soon time.