Behind the scenes with 14er Mfg.

Curious as to how our botanical wonders are made? 14er’s MIP team is excited to share the gooey process behind achieving potent, pure and terp laden concentrates. 

Research and development has always been a core element of our operation. Especially in relation to extract production as it constantly inspires experimentation. The sheer number of varieties available are a dizzying testament to the potential of what can be done. For example, just a few of our concentrates include Live Rosin, Live Heads, HCFSE, Dry Sift Rosin, Live Resin Sauce, Live Resin Batter, the list goes on.

14er Manufacturing

We sat down with our lead extract guru, Sean McCarthy, to get a hint of what it takes to stay current in this rapidly changing arena.

How does one keep up with the times?

Getting involved in the industry beyond the daily work is a big key to keeping up with the times. This means going to cannabis events and staying engaged with the community on social media Instagram. Most of what I have learned has come from hands on experience/consultations or from researching cannabis related information on Instagram and other forum websites. In all honesty, I have learned a vast majority of my cannabis knowledge from other growers and extractors through engaging with them on Instagram.

What does a normal day look like for you?

A normal day for me usually starts out with checking emails and our to-do lists in order to prioritize the rest of my day. From there I usually take some time to check in on any experiments or any material that is currently undergoing any processing. We then usually take some time to make sure everything is up to date in Metrc as well as packaging. We are a small team so no one escapes from packaging duties. By this time of the day we are ready for lunch and usually go together to eat somewhere. After lunch I usually spend time dealing with our solventless products, whether that is pressing rosin or getting us prepared to wash our next batch of fresh, frozen flower for the following day. After that, we typicality try to clean up our mess from the day so we have a clean work space the next day and then head home to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

What is your favorite extract and why?

Live Heads are my personal favorite because they are basically the purest form of concentrate from the cannabis plant that's available. For me, the terpene profile is more similar to the original essence of the flower. It also feels like a more well rounded high that I would normally get from smoking flower but with the potency of a concentrate.

What will the next hot thing be?

The next big thing is either going to be Live Rosin cartridges, some other solventless innovation that hasn't been discovered yet or the current color remediation tech they are applying to butane extracted concentrates. Beyond that it's really hard to say until something new gets released into the market.


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