Post Production Joint, Trim, and Popcorn Processor

14er Boulder is hiring for a Post Production Joint, Trim, and Popcorn Processor. The primary responsibilities of this position is to produce and package joints, sort, destem, and weigh popcorn buds, and sort and weigh trim for 14er’s cultivation facilities.

Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm


  • All duties associated with producing joints
    • Fulfilling weekly production targets
    • Desteming, grinding, and bagging material
    • Performing density tests on joint material
    • Filling, test weighing, and twisting joints
    • Counting and providing a test sample for testing and tagging of all batches of
    • Packaging joints into the joint containers with boveda packs
    • Producing labels and labeling all joint packs
    • Packaging finished joint cases for sale
    • Cleaning and maintaining the joint machine and grinder
  • All duties associated Popcorn bud packaging
    • Destem and screen all popcorn buds
    • Weigh and package all popcorn pounds
    • Weigh and package all popcorn buckets
    • Print and apply all popcorn bucket labels for sale
    • Count and package finished buckets for tagging and transfer
  • All duties associated with preparing trim for transfer or sale
    • Sorting, weighing, and appropriately labeling all trim for tagging and transfer
  • Other duties as assigned
    • Other duties may be applicable depending on skill set and direction from
      leadership and staffing needs, such as assisting the post production team with
      harvesting, trimming, packaging, coco warehouse work, some minor garden
      work, and various cleaning duties.

Physical Requirements

  • Ability to push, pull, or lift objects up to 50 lbs
  • Ability to sit, stand and/or bend over for extended periods of time

Minimum Qualifications 

  • Current MED Badge holder (Employee, Key, or Support)
  • Reliable Transportation
  • Strong work ethic

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience with Joint making, Harvesting, Trimming, and/or Packaging Cannabis

Compensation and Benefits

  • $17.25-$18.50 an hour DOE
  • Eligible for medical, dental, vision, life insurance, short and long term disability benefits
    on 60th date of employment
  • PTO accrual on 61st day of employment
  • Sick Time accrual starting first day of employment
  • Employee Discounts first day of employment

To apply please send your resume and MED Employee Badge information to