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It was the Spring of 2010, when a familiar aroma permeated the air around 2897 Mapleton Ave. However this time, something was different about the smell. It was that distinct skunky odor, only now accompanied by accents of sweet freedom.

Well, freedom-ish.

When we hit the scene, we weren’t quite out of the dark ages. Bongs were still strictly to be referred to as “tobacco water pipes” at smoke shops, so operating a dispensary surely wasn’t a secure nor predictable endeavor.  

With one couch, an accent table, a few posters and a blessing from the state, 14er officially opened its doors. In the garden, we set timers and watched with suspense, as our little babies grew. And although the lights were shining bright, we constantly looked over our shoulders, obsessively laminating and displaying anything that proved us to be “official”. It all seemed too good to be true, and no matter the strength of our heaviest indica the uncertainty made for countless sleepless nights.

It’s now ten years later, and finally, we’re sleeping better. This is not only a testament to how exceptional our products have become, but also to the ever growing tide of legislative reform. Those elements combined with our curated crew of talented, knowledgeable and good-hearted folks have made the 14er family one that is well-rooted as a trusted pioneer in this industry.

Our history, joined by the imagination, passion and devotion we apply to our products is what gives them a little extra something. With all these pieces in place, we’ve been truly free to innovate and redefine what cannabis looks and feels like today.




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