Tenth Mountain Diesel

Named after Tenth Mountain Division, the band in which this strain was dedicated to. Tenth Mountain Division is a local Colorado group with a unique and electrified style of their own; a fusion of Americana, rock and the bluegrass roots in which they were built upon. Like the band, Tenth Mountain Diesel is also a fusion, only between two rather potent and flavorful strains; East Coast Sour Diesel and Lost Tribe. The aroma of this hybrid was undoubtedly influenced by its diesel-y heritage. Thick diesel fumes with notes of pine, earth and kush are instantly noticeable. The effects of Tenth Mountain Diesel are uplifting without being racey. It’s the perfect strain for a long hike or a long pickin’ session, as its high is quite euphoric without dulling one’s mind. A good puff of this may just help keep the jam rollin’.